Flowers that Blow you Away!

Blow Painting is the really cool art of placing blobs of paint on paper and blowing it using a straw, achieving shapes and forms, that are purely accidental but which symbolize both the randomness and order of nature. 

When my son came back home from school, while in his primary class, holding a piece of art, they had worked on, I was excited and intrigued. It was the most fun painting technique I had ever seen. So thrilled was I, that his work went up on the wall all framed up, and still occupies pride of place.

Happy Boy! (Priceless) More paintings below..

The first given opportunity had me teach painting with this fun method. The kids needless to say were enthralled.
My experience while working with POGO Mad-live projects has always been full of wonder! On the one hand I would be working on kiddie crafts that are basic, silly and fun, but my mind on the other hand would be racing with what more I could do with the craft or art I had just discovered. That’s when I realized that every easy, silly and fun craft has a note of seriousness in it. Control and study play an important part in transforming the idea to the next level.

While playing with the straw and paints one day after class, I realized that all of a sudden, there was this flower on my sheet of paper and this set the ball rolling! From randomness emerged order… that literally blow you away…

Love Suna

I paint to dress your walls, what are you waiting for?

Orange Blooms (14″x10″) Rs.1250/- (Sold)

Blue Daisies A (14″x10″) Rs.1200/- (Sold)
Orange Spidies (14″x10″) Rs.1250/- (WoFrame)
Blue Buttercups (14″x10″) Rs.1150/- (WoFrame)
Blue Daisies B (14″x10″) Rs.1200/- (WoFrame)
Red Poppies (14″x10″) Rs.1250/- SOLD
Magenta Spidies (14″x10″) Rs.1050/- (WoFrame)
Blue Daisies C (14″x10″) Rs.950/- (WoFrame)
Sunny Yellows (14″x10″) Rs.1250/- (WoFrame)
Pink n Fresh (14″x10″) Rs.1250/- (WoFrame)
Crackling Dawn (14″x10″) Rs.1250/- (WoFrame)