Kolams on a Cabinet

This painting took me back to my roots.
 Yes…however far we live from the place where we belong it continues to reflect in what we keep and do around home – be it  paintings, brass-ware, clothes, toran, doorway-decorations  and so much more.

A beautiful kolam or a Tamil style rangoli made of a series of dots and lines does this to me. It takes me back to the morning ritual followed in my home state where the day begins at 6am; with women from almost every household out in the morning Sun washing their doorway or vaasal like it’s called and drawing the kolam signifying all is well at home.

It was December of 2020 when after watching a series of videos on Instagram by @kolampodu that I started learning to draw kolams. From small 5 -1 dots to large 14-4 dots ones I tried them all and loved them and shared the pics with my friends and family on social media. One such share resulted in my friend Maheshwari Godse and my interior designer friend @sonalkulshreshtha very very kindly offering me the opportunity to paint the kolam on her cabinet. I’m truly grateful she did. 🙂  
Attaching the picture of the cabinet. Do let me know your thoughts on it…

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