Leaves are the most mundane yet significant things nature can provide. They have an important role in providing food for the plants through photosynthesis. And this process is possible because of the presence of chlorophyll which gives them their vibrant green colour in the many many shades we see.

We humans of course, use leaves for food, paper, clothing, medicine, and a lot more. Apart from its practical uses, leaves also have acquired symbolic interpretations over time depending on the region and culture.

Despite the assumption that leaves when fresh are green, there are exceptions to this when they make their appearance in various shades of red as well. This red colour is caused by pigments called anthocyanins.

There was a park close to where I lived. It was full of very well manicured plants. Many or I can say, almost half the plants sported gorgeous red leaves in various shapes and sizes.

And now you know where the inspiration for this painting comes from…

It done in oils on a canvas board of size 20″×24″. 

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