No Mud No Lotus..

 “I like to paint as a bird sings.”, Claude Monet
When a dear friend wanted a canvas painting with Lotus in Pichwai style and with depth, I turned to Claude Monet’s paintings to understand how he painted the Lily pond.

Did you know that he – the founder of pre- modern impressionist art painted almost 256 paintings of different sizes spanning 20 years because he wanted to understand the effects of atmosphere on the light and colour on the same subject at different hours of the day and through changes in weather and season. He also switched between canvases sometimes working on as many as eight at the same time. Born on 14th November 1840 today’s note is a dedication to him and his devotion to art. (I happened to write this on 14th Nov 2021 )

The painting presented today is my third attempt at painting a Lotus Pond. I do have to wait for a week for the water and the leaves to dry. And now I’m beginning to wonder if this painting needs the Lotus at all. What do you say? I’d love to know. 

PS: I’m not adding the Lotus.


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