To Share or to Not..

When we share a joke we spread laughter cheer and joy. LOLs and ROFL galore….we love it.
We share information about just anything. Medication, treatments, breaking news, tips and tricks.
We share recipes. The same dish can be made in a variety of ways and you never know which one might make your life that much easier.
We share art and craft ideas. Some for grown ups and some for the littluns’. Some to commercialise and some for the love of hobby.
We share stories of entertainment. Who did what why, when and how. All that gossip and we feel so much better.
Stories of inspiration are so worth sharing. Ted talks and many such and how we want to get up and get started.
But nope not the telephone. We live in times where each of us has our own personal phones, as opposed to just one landline phone, for not only all in the family, but sometimes for the neighbour too.
I refused to buy my son a phone of his own. As a result I have to share mine with him. His friends call on mine and they whatsapp him on my number. Oh! How it irks me to part with, or should I say share; my phone for those few moments.
Our then beloved Door Darshan had us in a routine. All kinds of programmes were telecast catering to every kind of audience albeit once a week except ofcourse the news. We shared watching each others choices and gained from it too; the other option being to read or get outdoors. Today with countless channels and programmes and Netflix, prime video, Hotstar and others adding to the bouquet the first fight is who gets to see their preferred channel. The close second being for how long with binge watching being a great possibility. And well if I don’t get to watch what I want, I’ll lock myself in my room with my own gadget still getting to watch what I want – with those shoulders shrugged.
All of it said as long as we have someone to share our work load with and make life worth living we can continue to share our experiences..can’t we.



My Six Seater Dining Table

So this story begins with a six seater dining table. We were living in Rudrapur at that time- a one horse town in the foothills of Nainital. I got a friend to join me and we drove down to the neighbouring town of Bariely to buy this table. I had established contact here before I reached the place and there was a guy who took us around to different stores to check out some designs. After visiting almost 10 – 15 stores I finally chose this beauty. After all I was the only beholder. It had to be loaded in a truck and transported and it arrived a day or two later. I loved it so much I hardly could take my eyes off it especially its legs!

It slowly became an important part of our home where I would make my babies sit and feed them, get them to do their homework, solve jigsaw puzzles with them, place freshly bought groceries and veges until I washed up, keep pending work on it to take care of it later and of course push it all aside to dine. And life kept happening.

We moved cities and this beauty moved with us. By this time my children were slightly more grown up, had started full time school and I managed to carve sometime everyday to paint or craft. Of course it was all done on the table and again pushed aside to dine! Years rolled by adding to a ten.

It was time for us to move homes again. This time I had an idea! I wanted a smaller dining table to just dine and move work to a study table in the room. The children by now were grown up enough to feed themselves, and generally take care of themselves. My father had just passed on and I insisted I wanted to keep his table with me and transported it all the way from Chennai so that it could be my work table where I painted. This was placed in our workroom in the house away from the dining area also with the hope of creating a small little studio for myself. Ahh….the thing about dreams!

So what I did; amidst shock protest surprise and refusal from the family and the carpenter I actually cut the table to make it a four seater, re- laminated it in a beautiful shade of blue, made sure the legs were intact and placed it under this gorgeous lamp shade sourced all the way from Dubai all in the pursuit of using it exclusively to dine.

One year into this successful arrangement and we went into the begrudged lockdown. Schools shut, offices shut and we were all WFH. So now my older one occupied his room with his study table, my husband got the master bedroom for his work and my younger one got my Dad’s table and my coveted studio and you guessed it right…I’m back at the dining table working, painting, crafting and serving food as the day goes by.

Old Dining Table
New Dining Table!

Flowers that Blow you Away!

Blow Painting is the really cool art of placing blobs of paint on paper and blowing it using a straw, achieving shapes and forms, that are purely accidental but which symbolize both the randomness and order of nature. 

When my son came back home from school, while in his primary class, holding a piece of art, they had worked on, I was excited and intrigued. It was the most fun painting technique I had ever seen. So thrilled was I, that his work went up on the wall all framed up, and still occupies pride of place.

Happy Boy! (Priceless) More paintings below..

The first given opportunity had me teach painting with this fun method. The kids needless to say were enthralled.
My experience while working with POGO Mad-live projects has always been full of wonder! On the one hand I would be working on kiddie crafts that are basic, silly and fun, but my mind on the other hand would be racing with what more I could do with the craft or art I had just discovered. That’s when I realized that every easy, silly and fun craft has a note of seriousness in it. Control and study play an important part in transforming the idea to the next level.

While playing with the straw and paints one day after class, I realized that all of a sudden, there was this flower on my sheet of paper and this set the ball rolling! From randomness emerged order… that literally blow you away…

Love Suna

I paint to dress your walls, what are you waiting for?

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